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Educational Standards

Our products support provincial requirements for NGSS, AP, and more.

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At Vernier, we care deeply about education, which is why we are dedicated to setting educators up for success and giving them the tools they need to engage students through real-world, hands-on science education.


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What’s New for 2024

Go Direct Force Plate

Measure the forces developed during stepping, jumping, and other human‑scale actions.

Cart Fan

Provide a constant force for dynamics investigations by adding the Cart Fan to Standard or Go Direct® Sensor Carts.

Go Direct Soil Moisture

Measure the volumetric water content and temperature of soil.

Go Direct Salinity

Precisely measure the total dissolved salt content of ocean or brackish water.

Go Direct PAR

Measure photosynthetic light levels in both air and water.

Go Direct Pyranometer

Measure the power of electromagnetic radiation in watts per square meter (W/m2).

Resonance Apparatus

Determine the speed of sound using the principle of resonance in a tube that is closed at one end.

Forensic Chemistry Experiments

Transform your classroom into a forensic science lab where students investigate fictitious crimes—and in the process, learn about physical and chemical properties.

Do more with your Go Direct sensors using Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro!

Deepen students’ understanding of natural phenomena through engaging and meaningful interactions with real data.

Wirelessly connect most Go Direct sensors to our Graphical Analysis Pro app in just seconds and allow students to collect, visualize, and interact with data in real time—from anywhere and on multiple devices.

Reimagine data collection with LabQuest 3

Elevate hands-on science learning with this cutting-edge data-logging solution.

LabQuest 3 is a powerful, advanced, and versatile stand-alone data-collection platform. Students can navigate LabQuest 3 with ease, thanks to its capacitive touch screen. And with the platform’s wireless capabilities, students can collect data anywhere.

Save time and space with our suite of Go Direct spectrometers

These innovative, easy-to-use instruments have a small footprint and collect data in seconds.

Our suite of innovative, easy-to-use spectrometers can be used in chemistry, biology, and physics classes at both the high school and college level. With all our spectrometers, data can be collected and analyzed using our free Vernier Spectral Analysis® software.

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