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Our products complement your teaching and help your students engage with key STEM concepts.

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Designed for education and built to last, Vernier technology is durable, dependable, and affordable. Our sensors and software are supported by hands-on experiments and educator-focused technical support. Browse our robust STEM solutions to see how Vernier technology can help you.

Go Direct®

Our Go Direct technology connects directly to student devices—computers, Chromebooks, LabQuest® 2, iOS and Android™ devices. Its ease of use maximizes valuable lab time so you can focus on teaching.


With over 80 sensors to choose from our LabQuest family of sensors offers a wide variety of experiments to integrate into your existing curriculum. Connect LabQuest sensors with an interface to your device, or use LabQuest 2 as a standalone device in the field or lab.

KidWind Renewable Energy Products

Encourage your students to explore renewable energy affordably and easily. These products challenge students to use their problem-solving skills to design wind turbines and generate electricity.




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Vernier products are designed specifically for education and held to high standards.

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Our products compliment your teaching and help your students engage with key STEM concepts.

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