Go Direct® pH Sensor

The Go Direct pH Sensor is a general-purpose pH sensor used to monitor pH of aqueous solutions. It connects via Bluetooth® wireless technology or via USB to your device.

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The Go Direct pH Sensor is an important and versatile sensor for lab and field activities alike. It gives students the freedom to explore pH without the inconvenience of wires‚ no more spilled solutions or dangling wires. The Go Direct pH transmits live readings and captures data in real-time.

Use this sensor in a variety of experiments:

  • Conduct acid-base titrations.
  • Monitor pH change during chemical reactions.
  • Test the pH and alkalinity of bodies of water.
  • Investigate household acids and bases.

This sensor is comprised of a pH electrode connected to a Go Direct Electrode Amplifier via a BNC connector. This design enables you to use the Go Direct Electrode Amplifier with other Vernier electrodes, such as the Flat pH Electrode, ORP Electrode, ISE electrode, or a third-party electrode.

Rechargeable Battery‚ Ready When You Are

The robust rechargeable battery offers long battery life and provides always-ready operation when using the sensor wirelessly. Monitor battery life directly from our free Graphical Analysis app or LabQuest 3 App. Should the battery run low, simply connect the sensor to the charging cable and keep on collecting–no interruptions or inconvenience to you or your students.

Wired or Wireless‚ The Flexibility to Choose

Our Go Direct sensors connect directly to your mobile device, Chromebook, or computer using our free Graphical Analysis 4 app–no additional equipment or software purchases are necessary. Go Direct sensors can be used wired via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing you to choose the solution best for your classroom or laboratory.

Go Direct pH Teacher Pack

Purchase a Go Direct pH Teacher Pack to receive a discount on 8 Go Direct pH Sensors and a Go Direct® Charge Station. The Go Direct Charge Station will charge up to 16 Go Direct sensors at a time.

  • pH range: 0–14
  • Accuracy with new electrode (pH): ±0.2
  • Type: Sealed, gel-filled, epoxy body, Ag/AgCl reference
  • Shaft diameter: 12 mm OD
  • Storage solution: pH-4/KCl solution (10 g KCl in 100 mL buffer pH-4 solution)
  • Connections:
    • Wireless: Bluetooth
    • Wired: USB

Go Direct pH

  • Go Direct pH Sensor (includes Go Direct Electrode Amplifier)
  • pH storage solution bottle with pH storage solution
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Quick-start guide

Go Direct pH Teacher Pack

  • 8 Go Direct pH Sensors
  • 8 pH storage solution bottles with pH storage solution
  • Charge Station
  • 8 Micro USB Cables
  • Quick-start guide

Electrode Support (ESUP)

Go Direct® Charge Station (GDX-CRG)

pH Buffer Capsule Kit (PH-BUFCAP)

Go Direct® Sensor Clamp (GDX-CLAMP)

User Manual: https://www.vernier.com/manuals/gdx-ph/

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty (1 year on battery)

FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips: https://www.vernier.com/til/3965/

pH Storage Solution (PH-SS)
Go Direct® Electrode Amplifier (GDX-EA)
Go Direct® pH BNC Electrode (GDX-PH-BNC)
Storage Solution Bottles (5) (BTL)
Micro USB to USB-C Cable (CB-USB-C-MICRO)
Micro USB Cable (CB-USB-MICRO)
Go Direct® 300 mAh Replacement Battery (GDX-BAT-300)

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

Single Sensor, Teacher Pack


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