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Educational Standards

Our products support provincial requirements for NGSS, AP, and more.

Flat pH Electrode BNC

Connect the Flat pH Electrode BNC to one of our electrode amplifiers to measure the pH of solutions containing sulfides or of semisolids, such as food and soil slurries. The flat glass membrane also makes it a great option if you require a durable pH bulb.


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The glass membrane is flat instead of a bulb, making it more durable, easier to clean, and allows for flat surface measurements or smaller sample sizes. It features a sealed, gel-filled, double-junction electrode, making it compatible with Tris buffers and solutions containing proteins or sulfides. The flat glass shape also makes it useful for measuring the pH of semisolids such as food or soil slurries.

Range: pH 0–14 (Some sodium error in ranges greater than pH 12 due to thicker glass and higher impedance values)
Electrode type: Double-junction, sealed, gel-filled, Ag/AgCl reference, polycarbonate body
Membrane style: Flat glass
Storage solution: pH 4/KCl solution (10 g KCl in 100 mL buffer pH-4 solution)
Cable: 1 meter coaxial cable with BNC connector
Temperature range:0– 100ºC
12 mm OD
Impedance: ~20 kΩ at 25ºC

Response time: 98% of full response in 30 s at 25ºC
The Flat pH Electrode BNC connects via BNC to one of our Electrode Amplifiers.

Vernier Tris-Compatible Flat pH Electrode BNC
pH Storage Solution

pH Buffer Capsule Kit (PH-BUFCAP)

pH Storage Solution (PH-SS)
Storage Solution Bottles (5) (BTL)

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Warranty: 5-year limited warranty