Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode

The Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) can be used to measure the concentration of Nitrate (NO3) in aqueous samples.

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Nitrate concentration, which can be increased by acidic rainfall, fertilizer runoff from fields, and plant or animal decay or waste, is an important parameter in nearly all water quality studies. Use the Nitrate ISE to determine the concentration of the nitrate ion in a water sample.

The Nitrate ISE has a combination-style, non-refillable, gel-filled electrode. Like all other PVC ISE membranes, the membrane on the ISE has a limited life expectancy. However, the replaceable module of ISE allows you to simply discard the used membrane module, and replace it with a new one.

Note: We recommend that you do not purchase ISE replacement modules too far in advance of their expected time of use as degradation occurs while they are stored on the shelf.

Important: Ion-Selective Electrodes require good chemical technique and careful calibration to obtain accurate results; they are not recommended for middle school or elementary students.

Range (concentration): 1 to 14,000 mg/L (or ppm)
Reproducibility (precision): ±10% of full scale (calibrated 1 to 100 mg/L)
Interfering ions: CIO4–, I–, ClO3–, CN–, BF4–
pH range: 2–11 (no pH compensation)
Temperature range: 0–40°C (no temperature compensation)
Electrode slope: +56 ±4 mV/decade at 25°C
Electrode resistance: 1–4 MΩ
Immersion: 2.8 cm
Electrode length: 155 mm
Body diameter: 12 mm
Cap diameter: 16 mm
Cable length: 100 cm

Vernier Nitrate Ion-Selective Electrode
30 mL bottle of Nitrate Low Standard (1 mg/L)
30 mL bottle of Nitrate High Standard (100 mg/L)
Short-term ISE soaking bottle
User manual

Electrode Support (ESUP)

Nitrate Replacement Module (NO3-MOD)
Electrode Storage Bottles (BTL-ES)
Standard NO3 ISE Solution ()

User Manual:
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty (1 year on module, none on consumables)


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