Centripetal Force Apparatus

This product has been replaced by the Go Direct Centripetal Force System.

The Centripetal Force Apparatus allows you to investigate the relationship between centripetal force, angular velocity, mass, and radius.


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force sensor measures the centripetal force exerted on a mass as it moves in a circle. A photogate can be used to measure the angular speed. Different masses can be added to the platform and positioned at variable radii. The platform can be driven by a falling mass. The apparatus also accommodates the Vernier Wireless Dynamic Sensor System or Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor to measure force, which provides the best set of data. Sensors are sold separately.


Rectangular Frame
Support Legs (2)
Rotating Assembly consisting of Rotational Shaft, Encoder Wheel, 3-Step Pulley, Rotating Beam, Bearing Housing
Sliding Carriage to hold the test masses
Counterbalance Carriage to balance the rotating beam
Swivel Assembly (connects Sliding Carriage to a Dual-Range Force Sensor)
Ultra Pulley
Ultra Pulley Bracket (preinstalled on Assembly)
Photogate Bracket with 1/4 x 20 mounting screw (preinstalled on Assembly)
Dual-Range Force Sensor Bracket (preinstalled on Assembly)
50 g masses (2)
100 g masses (4)
Hook (attaches a Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor to the Sliding Carriage)
Mounting Screw and T Nut to secure a Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor
User manual

Centripetal Force Apparatus Moment of Inertia Accessory Kit (CFA-MIK)
Centripetal Force Apparatus Sensor Bracket (CFA-SBK)

Replacement Masses for Centripetal Force Apparatus (M-CFA)
Replacement String and Swivel for Centripetal Force Apparatus (SA-CFA)

User Manual: https://www.vernier.com/manuals/cfa/
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
FAQ: https://www.vernier.com/til/2391/


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