Vernier Video Analysis: Motion and Sports

This e‐book features 12 investigations in which students use Vernier Video Analysis to explore velocity, acceleration, and sports activities.

Vernier Video Analysis: Motion and Sports will be available February 2021

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Vernier Video Analysis: Motion and Sports features 12 investigations using the Vernier Video Analysis™ app. In addition to traditional physics concepts such as velocity and acceleration, its investigations of sports activities expand learning opportunities and further connect the study of motion to students’ daily lives.

  1. Constant Velocity
  2. Constant Acceleration
  3. Analyzing Running
  4. Projectile Motion
  5. Shot Put
  6. Determining Kinetic Friction
  7. Terminal Velocity
  8. Refining the Air Drag Model
  9. One-Dimensional Elastic Collisions
  10. One-Dimensional Inelastic Collisions
  11. Angular Velocity
  12. Angular Acceleration
  • Twelve guided investigations
  • Instructor information guide with troubleshooting tips and answers to questions
  • Student instructions
  • A generous site license—buy one e-book and duplicate the investigations for your class




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