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Educational Standards

Our products support provincial requirements for NGSS, AP, and more.

LabQuest Stream

This item has been discontinued.
An alternative to this item is LQ-Mini.

LabQuest Stream joins the LabQuest family to bring wireless and wired connectivity to the mobile learning environment.

Due to global chip supply chain issues, we are unable to ship LabQuest Stream. Please consider an alternative interface.

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With LabQuest Stream, our wireless and USB sensor interface, students have the freedom and flexibility to simultaneously collect data from multiple Vernier sensors using a mobile device, a Chromebook, or a computer. Just like the name suggests, students can stream data directly to a mobile device using Bluetooth® connectivity rather than Wi-Fi. That’s especially important for schools where network access may be limited or restricted. In addition, LabQuest Stream includes USB connectivity, which allows it to connect directly to a Chromebook or a computer when needed.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

There are multiple ways to collect data using LabQuest Stream, which is compatible with over 50 Vernier sensors.

Use LabQuest Stream as a wireless interface

  • with our free Graphical Analysis app when students use iOS or Android tablets and phones.
  • with our Logger Pro computer software (version 3.13 or newer)

Use LabQuest Stream with the included USB cable

Key Features

  • Multi-channel sensor interface supports both wireless data collection and USB data collection for multi-platform compatibility. It works in the lab, the classroom, and in the field.
  • Five sensor ports give you the flexibility to choose from over 75 Vernier sensors to support multi-variable experiments and data-logging activities.
  • Collect and analyze sensor data wirelessly with iPad and Android devices
  • This computer interface is compatible with Windows and Mac computers via USB connection. You can also connect wirelessly to computers running Logger Pro.
  • Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth® technology delivers real-time data collection with supported platforms.
  • Connect directly to a Chromebook using a USB cable. Wireless connection to Chromebooks coming in a future update to Graphical Analysis 4.
  • Real-time wireless data collection—up to 10,000 samples per second
  • Rapid, real-time data collection—up to 100,000 samples per second—when connected via USB
  • High-capacity, rechargeable battery accommodates multiple lab experiments in several classes each day.
  • Charge the battery using an AC adapter or a USB cable.
Connectivity Bluetooth® or USB
Supports Multiple Sensors Simultaneously Up to 5
Supports Digital Sensors Yes
Maximum Sampling Rate
  • Wireless: 10,000 samples per second
  • USB: 100,000 samples per second
Power Source Rechargeable battery or USB power

LabQuest® Battery Boost 3 (LQ-BOOST3)
Mini USB-C Cable (CB-USB-C-MINI)
Vernier Lanyard (LQ-LAN)

User Manual:
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty (1 year on battery)