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Educational Standards

Our products support provincial requirements for NGSS, AP, and more.


Use the Photogate to study free fall, rolling objects, collisions, and pendulums.

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Photogates allow for extremely accurate timing of events within physics experiments, for studying free fall, air track collisions, pendulum periods, the speed of a rolling object, among other things. The Vernier Photogate includes an accessory rod for mounting to a ring stand.

The gate has an input port so multiple gates can be connected in a daisy-chain configuration with up to four gates going to a single interface channel.

The laser gate mode requires the addition of a common pen laser, which is directed into the laser port. The laser may be some distance from the gate, so that you can measure the speed of larger objects such as a rocket, model car, or even a real automobile.

Power req: 5 VDC at 40 mA
Infrared source: Peak at 880 nm
Dimension: 75 mm gate width
Output is high and LED off for unblocked gate
Output is low and LED on for blocked gate
Beam approximately 9 mm from the end of the gate arms

Vernier Photogate
(1) Interface cable
(1) Accessory rod

Bar Tape (TAPE)
Cart Picket Fence (PF-CART)
Digital Extension Cable (EXT-BTD)
Laser Pointer (LASER)
Laser Pointer Stand (STAND)
Photogate Bar Tape Kit (TAPE-VPG)
Photogate Bracket (PGB-VDS)
Picket Fence (PF)
Pulley Bracket (B-SPA)
Ultra Pulley Attachment (SPA)

BT Photogate Cable (PG-BTD)
Replacement Rod, 5 inch (ACC-ROD)

User Manual:
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty