Human Physiology Experiments: Volume 2

Human Physiology Experiments: Volume 2 contains 15 experiments designed to encourage students to explore the physiology of various human organ systems. This lab book provides instructions for data collection with Graphical Analysis™ 4 and Go Direct® sensors only.

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An expansion of Human Physiology Experiments, Human Physiology Experiments: Volume 2 encourages students to investigate the physiology of the cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory, and nervous systems. The 15 experiments in this lab book include in-depth investigations for circulatory and cardiac physiology, respiratory physiology (including spirometry), complex reflexes, muscle physiology, biofeedback, and exercise physiology. Additionally, Human Physiology Experiments: Volume 2 includes experiments that help students explore the relationships between organ systems.

Experiment setup is minimal—students are collecting data in minutes.

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